Created Wednesday, Jan 2, 2019

This post was made when I made my second site iteration at thegreatrambler.com

Welcome to this new technology blog!

Well, I wouldn't say this is a blog. I am not going to journal my life in these posts. It is intended to share my thoughts about programming and technology in general. If you didn't know already, I am rather passionate about these topics!

Who am I, you ask? I am a software developer in my softmore year of high school, primarily in the language of Javascript. I hate Python. I say ess que ell (SQL) and gee eww eye (GUI). I am irrationally in love with technology. What can I say? It is fascinating.

Without much ado, here are the general topics that will be covered in this blog in large:

  • Javascript: This language sparked my love of programming all the way back in sixth grade, in a desktop design class. Despite my many excursions into other various languages, this programming language holds a special place in my software, usually taking center stage. For example, my terrain generation library.
  • Python: Historically, I have been somewhat adamant about using this language in my software, given its abnormal slowness. I have been rethinking my stance, given the advertised speed of Pypy over its official Python Software Foundation cousin . Some tasks, especially for working with the native win32 api and for making GUIs, I have tried Python. However, in the end of the day, Python simply does not make the cut in my mind for anything but machine learning.
  • C++: C++, not C. I have used C++ in few projects, and sparingly. With Nodejs addons, I may consider this language more, but speed rarely becomes a problem in most of my work.
  • Java: Java is very helpful for GUI applications. Do I have anything else to say about it? No not really. Viewing the files on my laptop, it seems that Java is dying. What application has the largest combined filesize of Java and Jar files? Minecraft and mods (I happen to rather enjoy the game). I will be using it for my upcoming Compsci course, but I doubt I will use it in the industry.
  • Whatever I feel like: I may be reading some cool books, I may have heard of a awesome video game or I may have found an awesome fact; You may find it here.

Some inspirations I cite for this blog are Coding Horror and Flavio Copes for design, also Coding Horror and Null Program for content.

That's all folks! Come back later to find some great stuff!