Created Friday, March 1, 2024

A talk I did on time handling, encoding and distribution at my school’s Linux User’s Group, or LUG.

link Learn that:

  • The second had no consistent definition until 1952
  • The world’s time has, since the dawn of humanity, been done by committee
  • A certain Roman general had a weird hobby
  • Some countries were 350+ years late to adopting Gregorian… not because it was hard
  • Milk delivery? Try time delivery
  • What institution can I expect to be located in every location, whether a village or a city, and would have the up to date time?
  • Delivering time via radio? How about delivering time via radio
  • Time is a distinctly Colorado occupation
  • Host a time server if you want but the mentioned committee may ignore you :(
  • If one thing is certain it’s that gamers will exploit your timing bugs
  • Google lies about the time… but so will Linux in 2038

And more…

Download link at the top for PPTX, as well as the link to the WWV simulator by Kalafut (Github)