Created Friday, Oct 14, 2022

A talk I did on plain text at my school's Linux User's Group, or LUG, including a demo, a calculator for emojis! It is highly inspired by Dylan Beattie's talk Plain Text.

Learn that:

  • The first telegraph ignored 6 letters
  • ASCII's origin in teleprinters shows up a lot
  • Codepage 878 pursues an interesting solution to codepage incompatibility
  • There are some normal ways and some very goofy ways to compare strings
  • You can propose additions to unicode for free!
  • The Nintendo Switch uses a uncommon feature of unicode to render its UIs
  • Emojis, as shown in the demo above, are more advanced than you thought
  • Some well chosen unicode characters can wreck havoc where you don't expect

And more...

A download link is at the top for ODP.