About Me

Created Saturday, June 1, 2024

link Hello!

I am a software engineer, homebrew developer, reverse engineer, collector and content creator. Most know me as a software engineer for multiple projects in the Mario Maker 2 ecosystem, but I have many other interests. I reverse engineer other platforms, like Google Maps, and I make novel pieces of software, like QR code programs. I also make talks for clubs at my university. I am also a collector of old, roll up, maps, my oldest being from 1944. If you like what you see here please get in touch with me on my Discord server or on other platforms, I am always looking to contribute to novel projects that make people more creative and contribute to the world.

link History

I started programming in middle school, when I enrolled in my second choice for after school club (after cookie making), which was website creation. I found that programming gave me true creative freedom, more so than what legos or Minecraft could give me, so it became my creative outlet. I asked for a website for Christmas and began to add a ton of javascript demos on my old site at thegreatrambler.com.

That old site was demo oriented, with a search bar to find them. I switched to the post style a few years afterwards. This site is currently on its 4th iteration. I’ve gone through SSG, CSR and finally SSR in my website architecture.

In high school I started SwiTAS, my most ambitious project, and my introduction to homebrew. I immediately became hooked with the possibilities of modding. In university I created MariOver and ever since I have been contributing to SMM2 modding.

link Interests

  • Modding
  • Archiving
  • Data analysis
  • Mapping
  • High performance computing
  • Specialized algorithms
  • Visualization
  • Traveling
  • Writing

link Goals

My aim with this site, and my projects in general, is to contribute something new to the world. My ultimate goal is that everything you see is completely new and wows you.

Everything I make is free. I want to remove the barrier to accessing data and code. If there’s something on my site you want to see in more detail let me know!

Finally, I aim to create software that helps other people, with different skills, be creative and contribute to the world in their own way. I can’t do everything but collectively there’s so much we can do.